'Debbie did my translation in record time and with an accuracy which meant that not only was the 'letter' of the original piece there, but (more importantly in many ways) the 'spirit' was maintained, too. I'm impressed by Debbie's accuracy and professionalism and will certainly be asking her to do future translations for me.'Dr Emma L. E. Rees,University of Chester
Debbie is an enthusiastic teacher, she makes share her passion of the languages, and completely in agreement with needs for his students the course is dynamic and interactive.Philippe Biret, Head of Single aisle Equipping and Testing, Airbus
'As a personal teacher, I can say with confidence that she was supporting, challenging and able to raise my awareness whilst always ensuring that I became accountable for my objectives. She demonstrated an excellent ability to develop a trustful coaching relationship and to adjust lessons and discussions to my needs'Christophe Gargaros

Head of CDT Electrics Airbus Operations SAS
'Debbie was a really good ally in achieving my MBA and developing my business communications skills. Her vast experience in language and higher education was invaluable to support me with the assignments and dissertation which I completed with distinction. At work I also noticed significant improvements and confidence in communicating in English. Debbie's approach is very functional and she was also able to help me focus my presentational skills, including interview techniques. This focus has really made a difference in supporting my international career'.Enrique Sesmero MBA,
Merger and Acquisitions Manager, Airbus Worldwide

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