Learn a new language or refresh old language skills

Face to face language courses are available
in Chester at all levels in

German, French, Spanish and English as a foreign language

@ £ 20.00 per hour for one-to-one and a reduced rate per person for small groups.
Each course will be tailor-made and take your current language skills and your learning targets into account. Above all you will have the opportunity to listen and speak your language in a wide range of practical situations and contexts, This will enable you to acquaint yourself with an increasingly wide vocabulary and range of constructions and to improve your grammar.
All language courses are also offered
on Skype where you can chat with video, swap texts, vocabulary, files and documents, without the inconvience of leaving your desk...

We are located at:


4 Meadows Lane




01244 676501 

07767 132627



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Dr Debbie Wagener . Language Trainer and Translator .